t.setPageLoadTimeout Method

Defines the time passed after the DOMContentLoaded event within which the window.load event should be raised. Can be chained with other TestController methods.

t.setPageLoadTimeout(duration) → this | Promise<any>
Parameter Type Description
duration Number Page load timeout (in milliseconds). 0 to skip waiting for the window.load event.

After the timeout passes or the window.load event is raised (whichever happens first), TestCafe starts the test.

You can also set the page load timeout when you launch tests from the command line or the API.


fixture `Page load timeout`
    .page `http://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/example/`;

test(`Page load timeout`, async t => {
    await t

Note that browsers raise the DOMContentLoaded event after they load and parse the HTML document, while window.load is raised after the browser loads all stylesheets, images and subframes. This is why window.load fires after the DOMContentLoaded event with a certain delay.