HTTP Authentication

TestCafe allows you to test web pages that are protected with HTTP Basic or Windows (NTLM) authentication. Use the test.httpAuth method to specify the credentials to be used by an individual test and the fixture.httpAuth method to specify the credentials for the entire fixture.

fixture.httpAuth( credentials )
test.httpAuth( credentials )
Parameter Type Description
credentials Object Contains credentials used for authentication.

The credentials parameter has the following properties.

Parameter Type Description
username String The user name for the account.
password String The password for the account.
domain (optional) String The domain name.
workstation (optional) String The workstation's ID in the local network.

The credentials parameter is required to include username and password. For NTLM authentication, the server may need additional information - the workstation ID and the domain name.

The specified credentials will be used for all requests that require authentication.


fixture `My fixture`
    .page ``
        username: 'username',
        password: 'Pa$$word',

        // Optional parameters, can be required for the NTLM authentication.
        domain:      'CORP-DOMAIN',
        workstation: 'machine-win10'

test('Test1', async t => {});          // Logs in as username

test                                   // Logs in as differentUserName
        username: 'differentUserName',
        password: 'differentPa$$word'
    ('Test2', async t => {});