Installing TestCafe

You can install TestCafe through npm globally or locally in your project.


npm install -g testcafe

After that, you can run TestCafe from a command line by using the testcafe command.

testcafe chrome tests/


The following command will install TestCafe into your project directory and save it on the dependencies list.

npm install --save-dev testcafe

The local installation is preferred for continuous integration scenarios or if you are going to use TestCafe from a Node.js application (see Programming Interface). This kind of installation has two advantages.

  • It makes your project setup easier: running npm install in the project directory will automatically install TestCafe as well.
  • Different projects can depend on different versions of TestCafe.

You can use the local version of TestCafe from a command line as well. To run it, use one of the following ways.

  • By using npm scripts.

    For example, you can add the testcafe command to the scripts section of the package.json file in the following way.

    "scripts": { "test": "testcafe chrome tests/" }

    After that, you can run TestCafe by using the npm test command.

  • If TestCafe is installed locally as well as globally, you can simply use the testcafe command. The local version will run automatically.

    testcafe chrome tests/