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An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2018

This guide is intended to catch you up with the most important reasoning, terms, tools, and approaches to JavaScript testing in 2018.

By Vitali Zaidman on 9 February, 2018, via

UI Test Automation Frameworks Showdown: TestCafé versus Nightwatch.js

Want to learn a little more about TestCafé and Nightwatch.js? Christine Zierold compares and contrasts the two UI Test Automation frameworks to help explain the benefits and drawbacks of each.

By Christine Zierold on 5 February, 2018, via

End-to-End testing React & Vue SPAs with TestCafé

Unit tests are a great asset to help ensure the quality of your application. But by nature, they only test small isolated pieces of...

By Rowan Youngson on 4 February, 2018, via

E2E Testing with TestCafe | Part 4

So what can we do to improve our TestCafe project? If you followed this guide since we started, your devto.js should look like this...

By Christian Vasquez on 16 January, 2018, via

E2E Testing with TestCafe | Part 3

Now we are going to run our tests in both Chrome and Firefox.

By Christian Vasquez on 15 January, 2018, via

E2E testing with TestCafe | Part 2

This time we will learn about running tests in parallel. This can be achieved by using a command like this...

By Christian Vasquez on 15 January, 2018, via

Better E2E testing with TestCafe

With TestCafe I can write all of my code in Typescript or the latest (ES2017) JS. When I can write my E2E tests in the same manner that I write my application code, I see it as a huge win.

By Marques Woodson on 6 January, 2018, via

E2E testing with TestCafe | Part 1

End-To-End (E2E) testing is a technique used to test an entire flow as if we were an actual user by simulating their actions (clicks, pressing certain keys, typing into a field, etc).

By Christian Vasquez on 30 December, 2017, via

Why End-to-End Testing is Important for Your Team

At Hubba, our business needs are always evolving and the development speed needs to catch up with it. One of the ways to keep the team moving forward without breaking everything is End-to-end Testing (E2E).

By Phong Huynh on 4 December, 2017, via

E2E Testing Angular Applications with TestCafe

TestCafe is a free and open source Node.js tool for testing web applications. One of its main perks is that it takes about a minute to setup and to start testing (and it doesn’t use WebDriver).

By Nataliia Krylova on 20 November, 2017, via

TestCafe: An e2e Testing Tool That Doesn't Use Selenium

Selenium WebDriver is one of the most well-known tools for e2e testing. But what if you don't want to invest a lot of time into the setup of an e2e testing environment?

By Alexander Moskovkin on 29 September, 2017, via

E2E Testing AngularJS applications with TestCafe

If you write with AngularJS then most likely testing with Protractor is the first thing that comes to your mind. But is it the only option? If you're curious about the alternatives, read ahead.

By Alexander Moskovkin on 6 September, 2017, via

16 plugins to extend TestCafe functionality

TestCafe manages end-to-end testing process out of the box. It starts browsers, runs tests and shows results. But there is also a bunch of plugins which extend its functionality. Here’s a list of the most popular ones.

By Natu Krylova on 26 July, 2017, via

An Easier Way to Authenticate Users in E2E Tests

There are many cases in which you may need your tests to act on behalf of an authenticated user. For instance, if your Web application provides special functionality for authorized users, you will need your test to authenticate.

By Alexander Moskovkin on 24 July, 2017, via

Fresh Resources for Web Developers – July 2017

Time flies and we are now in the middle of 2017. In this month’s installment, we have an array of great JavaScript libraries and a few others like a plugin to enable GraphQL in WordPress, a desktop application to render CSV data, and a few website frameworks. Let’s check them out.

By Thoriq Firdaus on 14 July, 2017, via

Ordering pizza delivery with one console command in TestCafe

Hello everyone, today I’ll tell you a story about a neat and easy way to implement end-to-end testing for a pizza delivery web service using a new open source framework.

By Helen Dikareva on 6 July, 2017, via

This month's most useful tools for developers > May 2017

Some are about new thinking or new techniques, some are about old or legacy technology and some are just useful resources for different languages or platforms. The brief is simple — if we think they’re useful, you might too.

By Dootrix on 11 May, 2017, via

Developing Microservices - Node, React, and Docker

In this post you will learn how to quickly spin up a reproducible development environment with Docker to manage a number of Node.js microservices.

By Michael Herman on 11 May, 2017, via

A modern way to do E2E testing for Vue.js apps

When you are writing e2e tests for a web app, you sometimes have no other choice than to write clumsy selectors like...

By Alexander Moskovkin on 11 May, 2017, via

An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2017

This short guide is intended to catch you up with the most important reasoning, terms, tools, and approaches to JavaScript testing.

By Vitalik Zaidman on 29 April, 2017, via

E2E Testing React applications with TestCafe

Born deep inside Facebook labs, React gained a huge popularity among the developers who make web applications with complex user interfaces.

By Alexander Moskovkin on 5 April, 2017, via

All the tricks that help you debug TestCafe tests

When you write functional tests, sooner or later you face the need to debug them. In this article, I’ll review everything TestCafe offers to facilitate this daily routine task.

By Helen Dikareva on 31 March, 2017, via

Functional Testing With TestCafe

Today we are going to dive into the world of functional web testing with TestCafe. Unlike the majority of other end-to-end (e2e) testing tools, TestCafe is not dependent on Selenium or WebDriver. Instead...

By Michael Herman on 19 March, 2017, via

TestCafe: Easier End-to-end Web App Testing with Node.js

In this article, TestCafe team member Vasily Strelyaev explains the benefits of this new Node.js-based app testing framework...

By Vasily Strelyaev on 14 March, 2017, via

Top 5 Most Rated Node.js Frameworks for End-to-End Web Testing

Hello my friends, today we are going to look into the most popular solutions for functional web testing...

By Adrian Lewis on 13 March, 2017, via

End-to-End Testing Vue.js Apps with TestCafe

End-to-end testing is one of the most valuable tools in your testing arsenal, allowing you to...

By Joshua Bemenderfer on 7 March, 2017, via

How to set up E2E browser testing for your GitHub project

Nowadays, a vast number of projects, small and large, is developed using Node.js tools and hosted on GitHub. Authors of these projects...

By Alexander Moskovkin on 2 February, 2017, via

Aurelia E2E Testing with TestCafe

Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework of the next generation for mobile, desktop and web. It is written in ECMAScript 2016 from the ground-up and built as a series of collaborating libraries.

By Alexander Moskovkin on 26 January, 2017, via

How to Use Page Model Pattern in End-to-End Web Testing

Page Model is a test automation pattern that allows you to create an abstraction of the tested page and use it in test code to refer to page elements. In this article, I will try to explain why it is a good practice to use Page Model in JavaScript tests...

By Vasily Strelyaev on 23 January, 2017, via

How to set up functional testing for a web app from scratch in 5 minutes

Assume you have a clean PC without any developer tools. How quickly can you install all the required testing tools, write and run your first functional test for the web? An hour? Or two?

By Alexander Moskovkin on 16 January, 2017, via

End-to-End Testing for Your Web App With TestCafe

In this article, we will look at how you get started with TestCafe and write your first test from scratch.

By Alexander Moskovkin on 11 January, 2017, via

27 popular new github repositories for web developers in 2016

Here are some popular new github repositories that can be interesting for web developers. All of them earned their first 1500 stars in 2016...

By Alexander Moskovkin on 20 December, 2016, via

15 Interesting JavaScript and CSS Libraries for November 2016

Our mission at Tutorialzine is to keep you up to date with the latest and coolest trends in web development. That’s why every month we release a handpicked collection of some of the best resources that we’vestumbled upon and deemed worthy of your attention...

By Danny Markov on 8 November, 2016, via