This project is deprecated. Use DevExtreme Vue instead.

Vue Grid - Sorting

The Grid component supports sorting data by one or several column values. Use the corresponding plugins and UI (column headers and Group Panel) to manage the sorting state and sort data programmatically.

Click several columns while holding Shift to sort data by these columns. Clicking a column while holding Ctrl (Cmd for MacOS) cancels sorting by this column.

The following plugins implement sorting features:

Note that the plugin order is important.

Basic Setup

Use the DxSortingState, DxIntegratedSorting and DxTableHeaderRow plugins to set up a Grid with simple static sorting.

Set the DxTableHeaderRow plugin’s showSortingControls property to true to enable changing the sorting criteria in the header row.

Specify the sorting conditions in the DxPagingState plugin’s sorting property and subscribe to the update:sorting event. Use the .sync modifier for two-way binding.

Disable Sorting by a Column

You can prevent sorting by a specific column using the DxSortingState plugin’s columnExtensions property.

Using Sorting with Grouping

The Grid’s grouping features allow you to sort groups as well as data rows. For this, set the DxGroupingPanel plugin’s showSortingControls property to true, which enables the sorting UI for the Group Panel’s column headers.

Custom Sorting Algorithm

The DxIntegratedSorting plugin’s columnExtensions property allows you to implement a custom sorting algorithm for a specific column.

Remote Sorting

You can perform remote sorting by handling sorting state changes, generating a request, and sending it to the server.

Sorting options are updated once an end-user interacts with a column header in the header row or Group Panel. Handle sorting option changes using the DxSortingState plugin’s update:sorting event and request data from the server using the applied sorting options. Once the sorted data is received from the server, pass it to the DxGrid component’s rows property.

Note that you do not need to use the DxIntegratedSorting plugin for remote sorting.