This project is deprecated. Use DevExtreme Vue instead.

DxSortingState Plugin Reference

A plugin that manages the sorting state. It controls the list of columns that participate in sorting.


Use the following statement to import the plugin:

import { DxSortingState } from '@devexpress/dx-vue-grid';

User Reference




Name Type Default Description
sorting Array<Sorting>   Specifies the applied sorting.
columnSortingEnabled? boolean true Specifies whether sorting is enabled for all columns.
columnExtensions? Array<DxSortingState.ColumnExtension>   Additional column properties that the plugin can handle.


Name Type Default Description
update:sorting? (sorting: Array<Sorting>) => void   Handles sorting changes.



Describes the sorting applied to a column

Field Type Description
columnName string Specifies a column’s name to which the sorting is applied.
direction ‘asc’ | ‘desc’ Specifies a column’s sorting order.


Describes additional column properties that the plugin can handle.

Field Type Description
columnName string The name of a column to extend.
sortingEnabled boolean Specifies whether sorting is enabled for a column.

Plugin Developer Reference




Name Plugin Type Description
sorting Getter Array<Sorting> Applied column sorting.
isColumnSortingEnabled Getter (columnName: string) => boolean A function used to enable/disable sorting by a column.
changeColumnSorting Action ({ columnName: string, direction?: ‘asc’ | ‘desc’ | null, keepOther?: boolean | Array<String>, sortIndex?: number }) => void Changes the column’s sorting direction. keepOther accepts true (keeps existing sorting), a column name array (keeps sorting by specified columns) and false (resets sorting). Set direction to null to cancel sorting by the current column. If sortIndex is omitted, the sorting is added to the end of the sorting list.