React Chart - Zoom and Pan

Users can zoom and pan (scroll) the React Chart. These actions change the chart's viewport. Mouse and touch gestures are supported.

Basic Setup

Import the ZoomAndPan plugin and add it to the Chart component to enable zooming and panning.

Note that the plugin order is important.

Uncontrolled Mode

In uncontrolled mode, add the ZoomAndPan plugin to the Chart component.

Controlled Mode

In the controlled mode, pass the viewport's boundaries to the ZoomAndPan plugin's viewport property and handle the onViewportChange event to control zoom and pan.

Enable Zooming or Panning Inidividually

Use the interactionWithArguments and interactionWithValues properties to enable zooming and/or panning for individual scales.

Zoom by Selecting a Region

Users can drag the mouse across an area while pressing the zoomRegionKey to zoom this area. Zooming is applied when the mouse button is released.