TodayButton Plugin Reference

A plugin that renders the Scheduler's button that is used to navigate to the today's date


Use the following statement to import a plugin with embedded theme components:

import { TodayButton } from '@devexpress/dx-react-scheduler-material-ui';

You can import the themeless plugin if you want to use custom components:

import { TodayButton } from '@devexpress/dx-react-scheduler';

User Reference



Name Type Default Description
buttonComponent ComponentType<TodayButton.ButtonProps> A component that renders the today button.
messages? TodayButton.LocalizationMessages An object that specifies localization messages.



Properties passed to the component that renders the today button.

Field Type Description
setCurrentDate (nextDate: Date) => void Function that sets the Scheduler's current date.
getMessage (messageKey: string) => string Returns a localization message by the message key.

Localization Messages

Field Type Default Description
today? string today The today button's text.

Plugin Components

Name Properties Description
TodayButton.Button TodayButton.ButtonProps A component that renders the today button.

Additional properties are added to the component's root element.