Scheduler Reference

The Scheduler is a root container component designed to process and display the specified data. The Scheduler’s functionality (data visualization and processing) is implemented in several plugins specified as child components.


Use the following statement to import a plugin with embedded theme components:

import { Scheduler } from '@devexpress/dx-react-scheduler-material-ui';

You can import the themeless plugin if you want to use custom components:

import { Scheduler } from '@devexpress/dx-react-scheduler';

User reference


Name Type Default Description
data Array<AppointmentModel>   An array of appointment data objects.
rootComponent ComponentType<Scheduler.RootProps>   A component that renders the root layout.



Describes an appointment data object. If you use another data structure, map it to this structure as shown in this demo.

Field Type Description
startDate Date | string | number The start date.
endDate Date | string | number The end date.
title? string The title.
allDay? boolean The all day flag.
id? number | string The identifier.
rRule? string Specifies the appointment recurrence rule. Follows the iCalendar RRULE format.
exDate? string Specifies dates excluded from recurrence. Follows the iCalendar EXDATE format.
[propertyName: string] any Any other properties.


Describes properties passed to a component that renders the root layout.

Field Type Description
children? ReactNode A React node used to render the root layout.

Plugin Components

Name Properties Description
Scheduler.Root Scheduler.RootProps A component that renders the root layout.

Additional properties are added to the component’s root element.