React Grid - Fundamentals

The Grid component displays data specified via the rows property. You should also specify the columns property to define for which row fields the grid creates columns.

The Grid requires the following plugins for basic data visualization:

The TableHeaderRow plugin should follow the Table plugin. See the Plugin Order article for more information.

Customize the Appearance

The Grid's visualization plugins provide a rich API to customize grid elements' appearance. Examples of the most popular customization tasks are described below.

The Table plugin allows you to customize the appearance of the table, table head and table body using the plugin's tableComponent, headComponent, bodyComponent and containerComponent properties. The following example demonstrated how to use the tableComponent and create a 'striped' table:

Note: Other plugins (TableHeaderRow, TableEditRow, TableFilterRow, TableGroupRow and TableRowDetail) use the same API to customize UI elements' appearance.


The Table plugin also allows you to customize table cell appearance using the cellComponent property. For instance, you can implement conditional cell formatting as demonstrated in the following example:


The Table plugin's rowComponent property enables you to handle row events like onClick, onContextMenu, etc., as demonstrated in the following demo:

You can create a custom appearance from scratch or modify the default appearance settings the grid's Table.Row component provides. Read Plugin Components for more information.

Column Alignment

The Table plugin's columnExtensions allows you to specify the column alignment.

Column Width

To specify static widths for specific columns, use the Table plugin's columnExtensions property. You can define the widths in pixels or CSS-accepted units:

Multiline Cells

The Grid cuts off values that overflow their cells. Set the column extensions' wordWrapEnabled property to true to enable word wrap for these columns.

Custom Content in Header Cells

You can pass a custom component to the TableHeaderRow plugin's contentComponent property to display additional elements in the Grid's header.