React Chart - Hover and Selection

The React Chart supports click and hover events on its plot and allows you to select series and points.

  • EventTracker - allows you to handle a click on a point or series
  • HoverState - implements the hovered state for points and series
  • SelectionState - implements the selected state for points and series

Basic Setup

Import the plugins listed above to create an interactive chart.

Hover in Uncontrolled Mode

In uncontrolled mode, add the HoverState plugin to the chart to enable the hovered state for series and points. You can also specify a series or point that is initialy hovered in the HoverState plugin's defaultHover property.

Hover in Controlled Mode

In controlled mode, specify a hovered series or point in the HoverState plugin's hover property and handle the onHoverChange event to control the hover state externally.


Use the SelectionState plugin's selection property to specify selected series and points. Handle the EventTracker plugin's onClick event to change the selection state when a series or point is clicked.

The following demos show how to create a chart using the single and multiple selection mode.

  • Single selection mode

  • Multiple selection mode

  • Single/multiple selection by Ctrl (Cmd for MacOS) + mouse click