GridExporter Component Reference

A component that exports data to the Excel format.


Use the following statement to import the component:

import { GridExporter } from '@devexpress/dx-react-grid-export';

User Reference




Name Type Default Description
rows ReadonlyArray<any> Data for grid rows. Refer to Data Accessors for details.
columns ReadonlyArray<Grid.Column> Grid columns.
getRowId? (row: any) => number | string A function that gets a unique row identifier. Use it if the identifier is not the row index.
getCellValue? (row: any, columnName: string) => any A function that gets a cell value.
filters? ReadonlyArray<FilteringState.Filter> Specifies filtering settings.
sorting? ReadonlyArray<SortingState.Sorting> Specifies sorting settings.
grouping? ReadonlyArray<GroupingState.Grouping> Specifies columns to group by.
groupColumnExtensions? ReadonlyArray<GroupingState.ColumnExtension> Specifies additional properties for the columns used in grouping.
showColumnsWhenGrouped? boolean false Specifies whether to display the column used in grouping.
columnOrder? ReadonlyArray<string> The column order.
hiddenColumnNames? ReadonlyArray<string> The names of hidden columns.
selection? ReadonlyArray<number | string> Selected row IDs.
columnExtensions? ReadonlyArray<Table.ColumnExtension> Specifies additional column properties.
totalSummaryItems? ReadonlyArray<SummaryState.SummaryItem> Total summary items.
groupSummaryItems? ReadonlyArray<SummaryState.GroupSummaryItem> Group summary items.
onSave (workbook: ExcelJS.Workbook) => void A function that should save the Excel document.
customizeCell? (cell: Excel.Cell, row: any, column: Grid.Column) => void Customizes Excel cells.
customizeSummaryCell? (cell: ExcelJS.Cell, row: any, summary: { type: string, ranges: number[][] }) => void Customizes Excel cells that display summaries.
customizeHeader? (worksheet: ExcelJS.Worksheet) => void Customizes the document's header.
customizeFooter? (worksheet: ExcelJS.Worksheet) => void Customizes the document's footer.


Name Type Description
exportGrid (options?: object) => void A method that exports data.