IntegratedSummary Plugin Reference

A plugin that performs a built-in data summary calculation.


Use the following statement to import the plugin:

import { IntegratedSummary } from '@devexpress/dx-react-grid';

User Reference



Name Type Default Description
calculator? (type: SummaryType, rows: Array<any>, getValue: (row: any) => any) => any A summary calculator.

Static Fields

Field Type Description
defaultCalculator (type: SummaryType, rows: Array<any>, getValue: (row: any) => any) => any The built-in summary calculator.

Plugin Developer Reference


Name Plugin Type Description
rows Getter Array<any> Rows for which to calculate summary.
totalSummaryItems Getter Array<SummaryItem> Total summary items.
groupSummaryItems Getter Array<SummaryItem> Group summary items.
treeSummaryItems Getter Array<SummaryItem> Summary items applied to rows that contain child rows.


Name Plugin Type Description
totalSummaryValues Getter Array<any> Total summary values.
groupSummaryValues Getter { [key: GroupKey]: Array<any> } Group summary values.
treeSummaryValues Getter { [key: number | string]: Array<any> } Tree summary values.