IntegratedSelection Plugin Reference

A plugin that performs built-in selection.


Use the following statement to import the plugin:

import { IntegratedSelection } from '@devexpress/dx-react-grid';

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Plugin Developer Reference


Name Plugin Type Description
selection Getter Array<number | string> The selected row's IDs.
rows Getter Array<any> Rows to be selected.
getRowId Getter (row: any) => number | string A function used to get a unique row identifier.
isGroupRow? Getter (row: any) => boolean A function used to identify a group row within ordinary rows.


Name Plugin Type Description
toggleSelectAll Action (state?: boolean) => void A function that selects/deselects all rows. The state argument specifies whether the rows should be selected (true), deselected (false), or their selection status should be set to the opposite value (undefined).
selectAllAvailable Getter boolean Returns true if there are rows that are available for selection.
allSelected Getter boolean Indicates whether all the rows available for selection are selected.
someSelected Getter boolean Indicates whether some rows are selected. False if all/none rows are selected.