A function that instantiates the default implementation of row caching. We recommend that you use row caching in lazy loading mode to reduce the number of network requests.


Use the following statement to import the function:

import { createRowCache } from '@devexpress/dx-react-grid';

User reference


Name Type Default Description
pageSize number 100 The number of rows on a virtual page. It should be equal to the pageSize property value specified in the VirtualTableState plugin.
capacity number Infinity The maximum number of virtual pages that the cache should store. When capacity is reached, the oldest used page is removed from the cache to make room for new pages.

Return Value

Type Description
RowCache A row cache.



Describes a row cache.

Field Type Description
getRows (skip: number, take: number) => any[] Returns from the cache the take number of rows starting with the skip row.
setRows (skip: number, rows: ReadonlyArray<any>) => void Adds rows to the cache.
invalidate () => void Clears the cache.