React Chart - Series

A series is a collection of related data points. The Chart provides an individual plugin for each series type. All the plugins have the pointComponent that renders the series points; the LineSeries, SplineSeries, and AreaSeries plugins also have the seriesComponent that renders the path (line or area) connecting the series points.

Line and Spline Series

The LineSeries plugin visualizes data as a collection of points connected by a broken line.

The SplineSeries plugin connects the points by a line as well, but that line is smooth.

Area Series

The AreaSeries plugin draws an area filled with a color. This area is limited on top by a broken line.

Scatter Series

The ScatterSeries plugin draws a collection of scattered points.

Bar Series

The BarSeries plugin vizualizes data as a collection of bars.

Pie Series

The PieSeries plugin visualizes data as a circle divided into sectors that each represents a portion of the whole.

Customize Point Appearance

The pointComponent property allows you to customize the points' appearance. The following example shows how to change the points' shape. d3-shape (a 3rd-party plugin) provides the shapes.