PagingState Plugin Reference

A plugin that manages the paging state. It controls the total page count depending on the total row count and the specified page size, controls the currently selected page number and changes it in response to the corresponding actions.


Use the following statement to import the plugin:

import { PagingState } from '@devexpress/dx-react-grid';

User Reference




Name Type Default Description
currentPage? number Specifies the current page number.
defaultCurrentPage? number 0 Specifies the initial page in uncontrolled mode.
onCurrentPageChange? (currentPage: number) => void Handles current page changes.
pageSize? number Specifies the page size. Set this property to 0 to show all rows on a page.
defaultPageSize? number 10 Specifies the initial page size in uncontrolled mode.
onPageSizeChange? (pageSize: number) => void Handles page size changes.

Plugin Developer Reference




Name Plugin Type Description
pageSize Getter number The page size.
setPageSize Action (size: number) => void Changes the page size.
currentPage Getter number The current page number.
setCurrentPage Action (page: number) => void Changes the current page number.