React Grid - Fixed Columns

The Grid allows you to fix one or more first and last columns. Fixed columns remain at their initial places regardless of the current scrolling position.

Browser Support Notes:

  • The following browsers do not support fixed columns because they do not support position: sticky:

    • Android Browser before 5.0
    • WebView for Android before 5.0
    • Internet Explorer

Scrolling issues have also been noticed in Microsoft Edge. They are caused by the browser's implementation of sticky positioning.

The following plugins implement the capability to fix columns to the grid:

Basic Setup

Import the TableFixedColumns plugin and specify the names of the columns that should be fixed. The leftColumns property specifies columns fixed at the grid's left side, the rightColumns property - at the right side.

Fix Service Columns

You can also use the leftColumns and rightColumns properties to fix service columns, such as Selection Column or Editing Column.

Compatibility with Other Plugins

You can use the TableFixedColumns plugin with other plugins.

Virtual Table

The plugin works smoothly with both regular and virtual tables.