Stack Plugin Reference

The Stack plugin is used to display series points one under another and display bars side-by-side.


Use the following statement to import the plugin:

import { Stack } from '@devexpress/dx-react-chart';

User Reference


Name Type Default Description
stacks? Array<StackData> [] A list of stacks.
order? (data: Array<SeriesData>) => Array<number> d3.stackOrderNone A function that gets an array of series data and returns the series order.
offset? (data: Array<SeriesData>, order: Array<number>) => void d3.stackOffsetDiverging A function that adds offsets to series data array depending on the series order.



Field Type Description
series Array<string> A list of series names.


Type: Array<number>

SeriesData contains data for a single series. It is an array of points (one point per argument). Each array item is an array that stores the baseline and the point value.

For example, the following array specifies a series containing points with values 10, 20, and 30 and the baseline at 0: [[0, 10], [0, 20], [0, 30]].