React Core - Render Markup

A plugin-based component's main purpose is to render markups defined in separate plugins as a single React component tree.

Template and TemplatePlaceholder

A markup is defined in the Template plugin primitives. The TemplatePlaceholder visualization primitive specifies where to render the associated template. Its name property should hold the associated template's name.

Root Template

The root template name is reserved. If you create a template with the root name, it is rendered in the plugin-based component's root.

Pass Parameters to a Template

You can render similar entities using a single template. For this, associate several template placeholders with the template and pass parameters to this template using the TemplatePlaceholder's params property.

Override a Template

You can override an existing template by creating a new one with the same name. You can render an overridden template within a new one using the TamplatePlaceholder component without a name.